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R.R.TitleDateRev Date
unavailableCR This Line Laft Blank
2007.001.338.003CRStation Grounds-Houghton w/ Track Numbers1908
2007.001.338.018CRAdventure Branch, Tile Lines for Water Supply, BeltND
2007.001.338.019CRAdventure Branch, Tile Lines for Water Supply, Belt, Spring BoxND
2007.001.338.043CRLake Mine Branch1908
2007.001.338.044CRLake Mine Branch1911
2007.001.338.045CRLake Mine Branch, Preliminary Line, (sheet #1)1908
2007.001.338.046CRLake Mine Branch, Preliminary Line, (sheet #2)1908
2007.001.338.047CRLake Mine Branch, Preliminary Line, (sheet #3)1908
2007.001.338.052CRDuPont Powder Works near Grosse Point1908
2007.001.338.054CRLocation of Proposed Coal Dock, Atlantic Sands, (sheet #1)1916
2007.001.338.058CRRoad Crossing near Michigan Smelter1916
2007.001.338.069CRBaltic Mine Branch of Atlantic & Lake Superior, Atlantic Mine1898
2007.001.338.084CRAdventure SurveyND
2007.001.338.085CRMainline Track Plan - Mass BranchND
2007.001.338.086CRSection 2653.5, Street & Lot DrawingND
2007.001.338.091CRSketch of Shoreline, for Mill LocationND
2007.001.338.092CRAbbott's Survey1900
2007.001.338.093CRTrack Plan, Lake Roland, MI SidingND
2007.001.338.119CRHoughton Yards & RoundhouseND
2007.001.338.120CRCopper Range RR., Faleston to McKeeverND
2007.001.342.012"The Native Copper Mining Era of the Keweenaw Copper Country - Lodes and Mining Locations" - 1846-19681990
2007.001.342.013A Hand Drawn Map of the Keweenaw Peninsula Listing Railroads, Mines & Points of Interest.ND
2008.005.001CNWStation Map Belvidere IL North Yard Galena Division--1917 06306/30/1917
2008.011.08SOOStation Map of Schiller Park, Illinois including yard and roundhouse7/19/1929
2008.011.09SOOStation Map of Glenwood, Minnesota7/1935
2008.011.10SOOMap of Shoreham, Minnesota including roundhouse and shops2/6/1952
2008.024.15.0025CNWStation map - North Freedom & Larue spur w/land transactions19171918
2008.024.15.0026CNWStation map - North Freedom & Larue spur w/Harbison-Walker refr.19171926
2008.024.15.0027CNWIllinois Iron Co. spur - profile19171963
2008.024.15.0028CNWStation map - North Freedom ( 1st copy w/notes )19021909
2008.024.15.0029CNWStation map - North Freedom ( 2nd copy )19021909
2008.024.15.0030CNWStation map - North Freedom ( 3rd copy )19021909
2008.024.15.0031CNWFirst addition to LaRue (first copy)19031904
2008.024.15.0032CNWFirst addition to LaRue (second copy)19031904
2008.024.15.0033CNWBaraboo, Wis. - station map19011938
2008.024.15.0034CNWMerrimac, Wis. - station map18961956
2008.024.15.0035CNWBaraboo, Wis. - station map1936
2008.024.15.0036CNWWIS. V-33 1-4 Fennimore, Wis. To Woodman, Wis. Track map, narrow gauge line1917
2008.024.15.0037CNWSheet 1- Baraboo, Wis. Engine house, machine shop & blacksmith shop; Genl. Plan DR 866-B1908
2008.024.15.0038CNWSheet 2- Baraboo, Wis. Cross sections of engine house & machine shop plan & elevation of engine house & machine shop19081909
2008.024.15.0039CGWDepot grounds at Dubuque, Ia. (2 copies)1899
2008.024.15.0045CNWWis. V-1 4 Williams Bay to Lake Geneva - Williams Bay Line1917
2008.024.15.0046CNWKendals, Wis. Station map19071932
2008.024.15.0047CNWWIS V-1 5-36-4 sheets 2-3-4 Station map - Williams Bay & Lake Geneva, Wis.1917
2008.024.15.0048CNWProfile - Woodman to Werley, Wis. Narrow guage
2008.024.15.0049CNWProfile - Werley to Fennimore, Wis. Narrow guage
2008.024.15.0050CNWSketch of lines North, East and West of Englewood, So. Dakota (narrow & standard gauge)19021925
2008.024.15.0051CNWMap of lines in Black Hills North of Englewood19041906
2008.024.15.0052CNWMap of Ruby Basin lines - Lead to Englewood, Spearfish - Edgemont - Piedsmont
2008.024.15.0053CNWC.& N.W.Ry. system map19621967
2008.024.15.0054CNWTrack map Wis. River bridge to 5 miles west of Ableman's (Rock Springs)18961963
2008.024.15.0055CNWLaValle, Wis. station map1906
2008.024.15.0056CNWLaValle, Wis. station map1917
2008.024.15.0057CNWLaValle, Wis. station map1917
2008.024.15.0090CNWC&NW lines west narrow gauge system ( map )1914
2008.024.15.0091CNWC&NW lines west narrow gauge system ( map ) ( copy )1914
2008.024.15.0092CNWC&NW lines west narrow gauge system ( map )1914
2008.024.15.0093CNWRapid City, S.D. ( traced from R.C.B.H.&W. map )19401941
2008.024.15.0094CNWDeadwood - Whitewood S.D. ( map )
2008.024.15.0095CNWMap of F.E.&M.V.R.R. extension, Blacktail to Lead1901
2008.024.15.0096CNWOfficial railway map of Nebraska1929
2008.024.15.0097CNWCNW property - Chequamegon Bay, Ashland Wis. (2 copies)1929
2008.024.15.0098CNWMap of Newton & Northwestern RR , Ft.Dodge, Des Moines & Southern RR, Ames & College Ry, Ft.Dodge Street Ry.1907
2008.024.15.0099CNWLand plan of North Freedom spur (2 copies)19031918
2008.024.15.0100CNWCNW Ry throught the east half Menominee iron range19011942
2008.024.15.0101CNWCNW Ry through the Marquette iron district19011942
2008.024.15.0102CNWCNW Ry throught the west half Menominee iron range19011942
2008.024.15.0103CNWMap of the Gogebic iron range19011942
2008.024.15.0104CNWMap showing the Galena & Chicago Union RR and its connections1853
2008.024.15.0105CNWCNW Trans. Co. detour map (foreign RR connections)1979
2008.024.15.0106CNWRiver Falls Wis.-station map-lands,tracks & structures1957
2008.024.15.0107CNWRoss, Iowa - all facilities removed19031912
2008.024.15.0108CNWRosholt Wis.19071915
2008.024.15.0109CNWFrom Ogden to Ontario - Boone Co.
2008.024.15.0110CNWWinthrop Harbor
2008.024.15.0111CNWLocation from Howard to Menominee
2008.024.15.0112CNWMap showing Milwaukee, Northwestern lines in & between Menominee iron ore range & Escanaba Mich.1933
2008.024.15.0113CNWMap of Swanzy - Gwinn - Princeton mining district1908
2008.024.15.0114CNWExchange "C" North Escanaba to Loop Line Junction. E.I.M.&W. RR milage1921
2008.024.15.0115CNWShorewood - Capitol Drive18961921
2008.024.15.0116CNWFirst addition to LaRue1904
2008.024.15.0156CNWBaraboo to Kirkwood showing topography south of Baraboo River1897
2008.024.15.0182CNWReconnaisance from Stephenson or Dagget to White Rapids1899
2008.024.15.0199CNWTerretory map - Black Hills
2008.024.15.0200CNWVicinity of Wakefield Mich.1926
2008.024.15.0201CNWMilwaukee & vicinity showing connecting tracks w/CMStP&P north of Belton1926
2008.024.15.0215CNWReconnaisasance from Ingals to vulcan1896
2008.024.15.0323CNWCorps of Engineeers, U.S.Army - Merrit, Chapman & Scott Corp., Escanaba bypass project - layout map, Escanaba Bay - restricted19421943
2008.024.15.0324CNWCorps of Engineeers, U.S.Army - Merrit, Chapman & Scott Corp., Escanaba bypass project - layout map, Escanaba Bay - restricted1942
2008.024.15.0326ICIllinois Central location, Rockford to Genoa
2008.024.15.0327CNWGalena to Elmo1917
2008.024.15.0363CNWMadison Gas & Electric south 1/2 of section 13, T7N, R9E, Dane County1980
2008.024.15.0365CNWCurve template to be used to various given scales
2008.024.16.0021CMOImprovements at Western Ave repair yard1906
2008.024.16.0035CMOStation map, lands, tracks & structures - Woodstock, Pipestone County Minn.19161941
2009.005.10.132CRPlat of Survey, 18 Lots, Lake Roland/GeraldND
2009.005.10.133CRLand to be Leased to Houghton co. Electric Light Co., Houghton1916
2009.005.10.137CRSoundings, Atlantic Sands-Michigan SmelterND
2009.005.10.140CRLocation Change 397+76.4 to 431+521900
Records 1 through 100 of 1,761 matching records