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2009.023.0201DSSAPost Card, 2 cent, To Be Used Only on Rail Road Business; No Date; 12 Cards
2009.023.0202DSSANote Pad: "Save Time and Miles Across America..."; No Date; 2 Pads
2009.023.0203DSSANote Pad: "Route the Superior Way via DSS&A" with Maps and Routes; No Date; 2 Pads
2009.023.0204DSSASoo Line Rail Road, Note Pad (Yellow); No Date; 1 Pad
2009.023.0205DSSAMascot Ball Point Pen - "Route the Superior Way via DSS &A"; No Date; 1 Pen
2009.023.0206DSSAMascot Lead Pencil - "Route the Superior Way via DSS & A"; No Date; 1 Pencil
2009.023.0207DSSAFreight Car Door Seals; No Date; 10 Seals
2009.023.0230DSSA9-Use Internal Envelope with String Flap Retainer (Form 837); No Date; 9 Envelopes
2009.023.0231DSSA9-Use Internal Envelope with String Flap Retainer (Form 903); No Date; 5 Envelopes
2009.023.0232DSSAMailing Envelope, DSS &A Railway, P.L Socether, Trustee (Form 261); No Date; 180 Envelopes
2009.023.0233DSSAMailing Envelope, DSS &A, Old Emblem (Form 261); No Date; 109 Envelopes
2009.023.0234DSSAMailing Envelope, DSS &A, New Emblem (Form 261); No Date; 108 Envelopes
2009.023.0235DSSAGeneral Baggage Department, for Reports and General Use (Form 824); No Date; 41 Envelopes
2009.023.0236DSSARailway Express Agency -District Accountant (Form 6076); 1929; 10 Envelopes1929
2009.023.0237DSSA9-Use Internal Envelope, DSS & A Railway, P.L. Solether, Trustee (Form 262); No Date; 34 Envelopes
2009.023.0238DSSA9-Use Internal Envelope, DSS & A Railway (Form 262); No Date; 25 Envelopes
2009.023.0239DSSAMailing Envelopes, DSS &A Rail Road, New Emblem (Form 260); 1960; 23 Envelopes1960
2009.023.0240DSSAMailing Envelopes, DSS &A Rail Road, New Emblem - Make Every Day Safety Day (Form 259); 1956; 76 Envelopes1956
2009.023.0241DSSAMailing Envelopes, DSS &A Rail Road, Old Emblem - Train Message (Form 258); No Date; 7 Envelopes
2009.023.0242DSSAWestern Weighing and Inspection Bureau, Scale Tickets, Ripley, Michigan (Form 1); No Date; 250 Tickets
2009.023.0243DSSARailway Express Agency, Wax Seal with Tool, Trout Creek, Michigan; No Date;
2009.023.0244DSSADSS & A Old Style Emblem, Lead Type Stamp; No Date
2009.024.0002CRAuditor Envelopes. Two (2) envelopes without holes; One (1) envelope with holes. Two (2) envelopes have marginal on back side.
2009.024.0015CRRemittance Envelope (Form 66). Remittance Envelope with Houghton National Bank, Houghton, Mich. . Four (4) envelopes. In expandable folder labeled C.R.R.R. Forms
2009.024.0016CRCorporate envelopes. Eight (8) envelopes. In expandable folder labeled C.R.R.R. Forms
2010.030.00220ICMiscellaneous forms and letter of resignation
2010.030.00221ICMetal employee pass medallions
2010.030.01723ICmiscellaneous forms and stationary with letterheads
2010.030.02510ICReport to Employees, MU Q&A, 1940 Operations1936
2010.030.02511ICTickets, passes, scripts
2010.030.02512ICBaggage checks, clearance forms, notices
2010.030.02516ICCondensed dispatch freight schedules
2010.030.02521ICvarious years and styles
2010.030.02701ORGBurlington Route Historical Society Calendars1984, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996
2010.030.03115ICClearance Card
2010.030.03130ICIC Railroad Switch List
2010.030.03146ICViolation Card
2010.030.03742ICMardi Gras1939
2010.030.03743ICLand of Lincoln Tour
2010.030.03747ICHere's the Good News, City of Miami and the Seminole, with timetable1954
2010.030.03748ICThe Floridian, The Seminole1931
2010.030.03749ICThe Panama Limited1922
2010.030.03750ICAboard the City of Miami1958
2010.030.03751ICAboard the City of Miami1964
2010.030.03752ICWelcome Aboard the City of Miami
2010.030.03753ICWelcome Aboard the Panama Limited
2010.030.03754ICother brochures of trains
2010.030.03760ICGreen Diamond equipment substitution notice card1945
2010.030.03761ICgroup of 5 tickets and parcel check1884, 1912, 1919, 1923
2010.030.03766YMVIC, Y&MV under USRA; forms 12401920-1921
2010.030.03805CBQWay Bill
2010.030.03806CMSTPPWay Bill
2010.030.03807ICFlorida Train service, Winter 1935-361935
2010.030.03836ICPocket Calendar1966
2010.030.03840ORGTwentieth Century Railroad Club, second meeting
2010.030.03847ICIllinois Central Magazine Calendar1963
2010.030.03849ICI. C. Engagement Calendar, 1962, 19631962, 1963
2010.030.03851IC1968 engagement calendar1968
2010.030.03852ICEngagements 19691969
2010.030.03864ICForm 1577 blank
2010.030.03919ICThe City of New Orleans with schedule
2010.030.03937ICBreakfast; Luncheon; Dinner en route
2010.030.03939ICExcursion, Dubuque to Chicago and returen1964
2010.030.03940ICICRR Life-time Pass
2010.030.03941ICNoel Christmas card to ticket agents from Passenger Traffic Manager
2010.030.03943ICCity of Miami Luncheon Menu (cover)
2010.030.03954IC2 post cards
2010.030.03956GOVThe Cleveland Railway Company, 3 weekly system passes1935, 1936
2010.030.03962ICICRR Envelopes, Form 881
2010.030.04104IC23 Illinois Central passesVarious
2010.030.04106ICDisplay Card for New Service, Belfor Service to Chicago from St. Louis
2010.030.04110ICIllinois Central electric posters
2010.030.04113ICInvitation for Christening of the City of New Orleans1947
2010.030.04114ICThe Locomotive on this Train is a Diesel
2010.030.04115ICTime Table, Gas Streamlined1939
2010.030.04116ICAnouncing the Chickasaw1924
2010.030.04117ICPanama Limited, I.C.R.R., Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans
2010.030.04118ICSpend an evening with Maggie Star
2010.030.04119ICDon't Drive Derby Day, IC Electric display card1930
2010.030.04120ICBreakfast; Luncheon; Dinner en route1956
2010.030.04121ICPanama Limited
2010.030.04122ICAll Expense Tour… Gulf Coast and New Orleans1929
2010.030.04123ICFast and Frequent Service, 103rd and Downtown
2010.030.04125ICThe Luxurious Panama Limited, with schedule1960
2010.030.04127ICIllinois Central Electric Fits the Pattern1956
2010.030.04128ICTake the Trains, Green Diamond/Daylight1957
2010.030.04129ICChicago/St. Louis ServiceVarious
2010.030.04130IC9 Luxurious Streamliners
2010.030.04131ICNew Suburban Station, Carrollton Ave., New Orleans1924
2010.030.04132ICPanama Limited1935
2010.030.04133ICThrough Pullman Daily Service…to Brownsville, Texas
2010.030.04134ICLet's Go Buddy, American Legion Convension, New Orleans1922
2010.030.04135IC20th Anniversary, Streamlined Panama Ltd.1962
2010.030.04136ICMemphis Cotton Carnival1963
2010.030.04137ICCity of New Orleans
2010.030.04138ICFacts and Figures, ICRR and Steel Suburban Car1904
2010.030.04139OTHERChicago Tunnel Company
2010.030.04141ICticket folders
2010.030.04142IClots of suburban service notices
Records 1 through 100 of 282 matching records